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Midway Ice Castles

Amy Arnold

At a time now when inspiration shoots are a dime a dozen, I choose my shoots very carefully. When McKenzie asked me to join her team for this shoot at the ice castles I didn't have to think twice! I mean an ice castle?! It's other worldly! Not to mention in a few short weeks it would be gone, melted into our memory. For the shoot I wanted a bouquet that would match the simple continuity of the castle that rises into a giant wonder. Enter the composite rose!

Composite rose is the term for ripping petals off dozens of roses and gluing them back together to make one giant rose. It's a daunting and time consuming project. I had tried it once before and the rose turned out too flat. FAIL. Which I recently learned is just the First Attempt In Learning. With that first attempt under my belt and some creative engineering I crafted a bouquet holder that would give me added depth. Success!

The group of ladies that worked on this project were phenomenal! I had never met them before and the scene they brought together created pictures that I'll treasure forever. See all involved listed below.

Model: Brinnan Schill | Photographer: McKenzie Deakins | Dress: The Perfect Dress

Hair: Jenna Pinegar | Makeup: Bourne Exquisite