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Christmas Party: Holly & Friends


Last night was our first Christmas centerpiece party! Here's a glimpse of the fun that was had by all. 
We started with an introduction to Bleu Wednesday, what we are all about and such. Then we moved on to a discussion of the importance evergreens have held to different civilizations throughout history. (Did you know Christmas celebrations apart from a church service were banned in the U.S. in 1692? Christmas trees didn't get popular here until the end of the 1800's. )
Getting our hands and the table dirty came next! It was fun to see our flower ladies light up after completing each step of the arrangement. Although each lady had the same flower bundle, the completed arrangements were all starkly different. All very beautiful, I was so proud of them!
We ended the evening with chatter and delicious cinnamon and orange rolls made by hostess Holly. I met Holly at a flower party back in November and she was quick to volunteer to host a party. Bleu Wednesday was started for great women like Holly. She is truly passionate about flowers and plants. During the party we not only discussed the arrangement at hand but also remedies for her indoor plant problems and plans for next year's summer garden. In the years to come we hope to meet many more Hollys who share our sheer love for flowers and want to learn more!

Thank you Holly and friends for spending a flower filled evening with Bleu Wednesday!