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Flower Farm: The New Adventure


Exciting news! We are starting a little flower farm to grow our own flowers! I am really nervous to announce it because we will probably fail but we're preparing to turn that failure into success. I have always wanted to have a cutting flower garden but busyness with school has always kept me from it. 

When I started making plans for the garden this winter I was in the midst of bridal consultations and started to get tired of hearing that I wouldn't be able to get a certain flower from my flower wholesaler or that lilies of the valley cost $30 for a tiny bunch! Seriously?! That's when thoughts like, "Maybe I should grown my own" started entering my head and with a little encouragement from family and friends the thoughts are becoming reality. 

I yearn for more creative freedom with my flower arrangements and want a stronger connection with the flowers I arrange. I want to know what they look like as they grow, how they smell in a natural environment, and what struggles they face. I want to experience the true miracles that flowers are.
Here are some pictures of the 1.6 acres of our land that will become the flower farm. There are some existing raised beds that will be filled with perennials and the rest will be converted to rows of annuals. We aren't going to farm the whole thing- that would be taking on too much! Just a few hundred foot rows to get our feet wet.

My first day on the farm I pulled up hundreds of feet of drip line. The drip line is left over from a garden that my family planted with my grandparents when I was 13. We spent a lot of time at the "lot" that summer. My brothers and I very disparagingly called it the "lot" as we thought it was our parents means for torturing us. I think the flower farm needs a name, The Flower Lot has a nice ring don't you think? Any of you have ideas for names?

As I have been weeding, stirring dirt, and preparing beds in the last weeks I have enjoyed the calming effects of gardening. The first day I listened to Imagine Dragons and Mumford and Sons and have since enjoyed listening to nature's iPod i.e. the birds chirping, dancing leaves in the wind, and airplanes taking off from Provo airport.

The garden is a wide open space for me to think about Bleu Wednesday. The hours conquering weeds and shoveling heavy dirt have given me the courage to go forward with another project we have in the works that has presented some difficulties. Green growth is starting to appear, reminding me that after a harsh winter plants emerge strong and triumphant. We too can rise from our adversities to achieve victory! Here's to new growth and adventures this spring! I look forward to sharing ours with all of you!