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Your Wedding

Wedding Flowers 101

We bet you have a lot of questions about your wedding flowers and we are here to help!  We have answered the most important and frequent questions we receive to get you prepared for a consultation. Please contact us to set a date and time for your consultation!



Who traditionally Pays for What?

The bride traditionally pays for the bridesmaid bouquets, groom’s boutonniere and all bouquets used as decor. The groom traditionally pays for the bridal bouquet, groomsmen boutonnieres, and corsages and boutonnieres for the family. This has been held as tradition but is in no way what must be done.

Are All Flowers Available Year Round?

No, there are flowers that are seasonal. In your consult we will make you aware of flowers that we will and won't be able to source.

Do you provide vase rentals?

Yes, we have container collections which we will share with you at your consultation. Renting is a great way to save a little bit of money!

When do you require a deposit?

At the time in which you decide to book. We require a 50% non-refundable deposit. The balance must be paid a week before the wedding date.

Do you have any advice for me?

Oh yes we have plenty! First, we'd like you to know that we are artists. We hope that the work displayed here convinces you to trust us. Our best work comes when we are given creative license to combine the season's finest ingredients for a coherent and unique display. Not often but occasionally, the flowers we order arrive looking very sad. We hope that you will understand as we make substitutions that many times make the pieces even better than originally planned. We will take care of you and your day!

If you are looking to stretch your dime further- focus on statement pieces. The bridal bouquet and the groom's boutonniere are the most important! They will feature most prominently in pictures and memories. Consider cutting the family boutonnieres and corsages in order to allow for a stand out bouquet. Also, bigger is better! Instead of many little centerpieces scattered around the room, let us create one or two large arrangements that will capture and hold your guest's attention. We will discuss other money saving options at your consultation- don't forget to bring your budget!

We strongly encourage assigning meaning to your flowers. You have heard of the Victorian language of flowers right?  People used to communicate through flowers and we love the idea of you communicating your wishes for your marriage through flowers! Think about what you want your marriage to stand for and ask us for more details at your consultation.

How do we set a flower budget? 

A budget is important because it will direct our suggestions for your wedding flowers. Nine out of ten brides come to us without a clue as to current flower prices and without that knowledge they haven't been able to decide on a budget. That's our fault for not informing you but now we are! Below are listed realistic price ranges for important wedding flowers.

With these prices in mind set your budget! 1. Determine which floral pieces and how many of each you would like to have at your wedding. 2. Determine how much you would like to spend on each floral piece. 3. If the total fits your financial needs- you're set to go! If not- consider your priorities and adjust quantities accordingly. (also see the "your advice for me" question)


The Wednesday Wedding

We recently organized The Wednesday Wedding, a fake wedding that was thrown with other wedding specialists. We love and recommend all those that participated! You can find their information and more on The Wednesday Wedding website.

Enjoy this video from the event!